Important information: postponement of the meeting

Dear Colleagues,

Hope this message finds you well also considering the rather difficult moment we are living.
The time foreseen for the IPWG/IWSSM Workshop in Ft. Collins is rapidly approaching and we need to take immediate action because things are changing by the hour due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 infection worldwide. Several countries are already applying flight restrictions to their citizens and it is currently impossible to clearly predict what will happen over the next few weeks. Likely, the situation will improve with the advent of spring/summer, but the virologists/immunologists are very prudent because the situation is rather novel.
Coming to IPWG/IWSSM, we have to consider that the workshop is truly international and the situation is all but clear with respect to whom will be able to travel and whom will not in a matter of three months from now. IPWG is a CGMS, WMO-sponsored, organization and we need to pay attention to everyone from throughout the world, as it is in the spirit of the UN.
Having said so, we had several consultations with the Scientific and the Organizing Committees and with past co-chairs in order to examine the options available on the table. It was decided to cancel the joint meeting in June and we are now examining several options, including postponing the meeting to 2021. This is a decision we are not easily taking. Some of you may already have booked flights, visas or other things. Some had their calendars organized around the workshop. We could continue and this is why we say this is overly difficult. However, we also feel that taking a decision now will prevent further problems that a last-minute cancellation would certainly cause. We hope you will understand.
Canceling the workshop now has a few consequences, apart from those listed above: the Co-chairs will stay in charge for another year. However, we will do our best to make sure the community continues its work in the months to come. We will come out with the proposal of Working Group meetings via tele/video conferences and similar things we are now thinking and evaluating. In this manner, the work of IPWG will progress forward – further information will be provided in the next few months.
We ask the community to stick together and understand that our workshop is not cancelled, its is just postponed. We will meet soon and continue to work together in the spirit of this Group that has always showed a great attitude to collaborative work. We are sure this will continue in spite of all the difficulties.
Stay tuned and we will promptly inform and alert you on further developments.
All the very best,
Viviana, Philippe, Ralf, Stefan, Chris, Ralph and Vincenzo

About IPWG

The International Precipitation Working Group was initiated in 2000 after the 52nd session of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Executive Council recommended involving relevant science groups in a systematic manner to improve satellite system utilization. IPWG was then endorsed by Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites (CGMS). IPWG provides a forum for operational and research users of satellite precipitation measurements to exchange information and fosters the development of better measurements and improvement of their utilization, the improvement of scientific understanding, and the development of international partnerships.


The first International Workshop on Space-based Snowfall Measurement was held in 2005.The goal of IWSSM is to bring together researchers focusing on the measurement of snowfall from space using active and passive microwave sensors for the purpose of assessing the state of the science and measurement technology and to recommend future directions in research and technology development.

Objectives of the workshop

  • Review the state of the art of rainfall and snowfall/high-latitude precipitation measurement techniques.
  • Discuss the application of satellite precipitation products for research and operations.
  • Recommend future directions to WMO/CGMS and Coordinate with GEWEX on topics related to precipitation.

Abstract Submission

  • In order to submit an abstract, you first need to register on the platform, then you can access the abstract submission form
  • Abstracts that deal with current operational and research precipitation estimation techniques, applications to climate and weather, data assimilation, validation, sensor calibration, scattering and future satellite missions are encouraged.
  • The abstract should be in English, approximately one half of an A4 page.
  • Registration applications and abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Committee of IPWG and IWSSM.
  • No abstract fee is requested.

Scientific Committee

  • Viviana Maggioni (George Mason University, USA,
  • Philippe Chambon (Météo-France, France,
  • Ralf Bennartz (Vanderbilt University, USA)
  • Stefan Kneifel (University of Cologne, Germany)
  • Chris Kummerow (Colorado State University, USA)
  • Ralph Ferraro (NOAA, USA)
  • Huan Meng (NOAA, USA)
  • Dong-Bin Shin (Yonsei University, Korea)
  • Ziad Haddad (Radar Science/JPL, USA)

Local Organizing Comittee

  • Chris Kummerow (Colorado State University, USA)
  • Holli Knutson (Colorado State University, USA)





Important dates

Registrations are open

Abstract submissions

are closed


Abstract submission deadline:

January 31st, 2020

Deadline extended

to February 15th, 2020


Registration deadline:

April 15th, 2020

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